What is the Local Listings service, and how do I decide which source of truth to use?

This article will review what the Local Listings service offers and how to determine which source of truth you should utilize.

The Local Listings service is our listings management program. Utilizing the platform, you can make real-time updates to your Google Business Profiles: Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Website URL, Business Category, Business Hours, Business Description, etc. Furthermore, our service goes beyond Google, automatically synchronizing these updates across various directories and aggregators: Apple Business Connect, Bing, Amazon Alexa, Neustar, Data Axle, Yellowbook, etc. (See the full list of destinations here). Simply update your profile within dbaPlatform, and we will take care of the rest, ensuring your listings across multiple platforms stay consistently up to date

When setting up a GBP for this service, you get a choice for the source of truth of the listing - it can either be dbaPlatform or Google. The difference is whether we will push updates to Google or pull data from Google. The source of truth is what we will treat as the master version, representing the most truthful and accurate set of data for that listing. If Google is selected as the source of truth, then we will fetch the profile data directly from Google daily (including any crowdsource changes that were made) and use that data when syncing to the other directories - we will not sync to Google, unless you manually initiated through the platform. On the other hand, selecting dbaPlatform as the source of truth allows us to sync updates to all directories, including Google. This provides the additional benefit of overriding any crowdsource changes that were made to your GBPs. Google Business Profiles are susceptible to external edits made by individuals. Sometimes those edits aren't helpful, and it can be quite time-consuming to monitor and manage these outside edits. By leveraging our Local Listings services and designating dbaPlatform as the source of truth, we automatically override external edits. This ensures that your data remains accurate, maintained, and free from unintended alterations.