Why do unoptimized profiles rank high?

Learn why some business listings may be ranking high on Google Maps without optimization.

Businesses may rank high without optimization. This high ranking is almost always tied to their business name matching the keyword search. 

Google places importance on the business name as a ranking factor. However, before you go changing your business name it is important to know that unoptimized pages with blank or partially filled listings do not usually have a large coverage area. Therefore, some of these unoptimized businesses that you see show up will most likely not rank in a wide search area. 

Spammers create many fake listings to generate leads with exact match business names to take advantage of the strong name ranking factor. No one listing will rank widely, but because of the quantity of listings spammers sometimes create, you will find them in various searches.

Managing your Google My Business account with a more holistic approach will help you stand out and appear more often in wider search areas.