What are the definitions of the Google Business Profile Metrics?

This article will review the definitions of all GBP metrics.

In this article you will find the definitions for these metrics:

Direct Impressions

Discovery Impressions

Branded Searches

Total Impressions

Total Actions

Website Visits

Mobile Calls 

Driving Directions

Post Clicks


How Customers Discover Your Business: Direct, Discovery, and Branded:

Direct Impressions refer to a customer search using a specific business name or location rather than a keyword. In this instance, the customer already knows you exist and is looking for you specifically. This search would result in the direct population of your specific Knowledge Panel. As an example, a client searches for something such as “dbaPlatform” or “333 3rd Ave N Suite 412, St. Petersburg, FL 33701” and receives the dbaPlatform profile.


Discovery Impressions mean a customer finds your profile by searching for a category, product, or service that you offer. For example, a client searches “bike shop near me” and your profile is delivered because it is associated with those terms. 



Branded Searches indicate that a customer found your profile after searching for a brand keyword related to your business. For instance, a client searches for something such as “Starbucks” and receives a 3-pack result for several Starbucks locations. 



The Total Impressions metric represents the number of times prospects found your Business Profile by searching on Google Maps or Google Search. This is the total of Discovery Impressions, Direct Impressions, and Branded Searches.




Metrics Measuring Interactions with Your Customers: Total Actions, Website Visits, Mobile Calls, Driving Directions, and Post Clicks:


Total Actions is the summary of all of your Website Visits, Driving Directions, and Mobile Calls.



Website Visits is the number of clicks on the website link on your Business Profile.



Mobile Calls metric is the number of clicks on the call button on your Business Profile. This metric will only record direct clicks on this button - it will not track calls that were made elsewhere, for instance, when a prospect dials the phone independently.



Driving Directions are the number of unique customers who request travel directions to your business. Google changed how they count unique direction requests to account for things like multi-tapping, direction request cancellation, and spam. This should assist with more accurately representing the number of times individual customers request directions to your business. This new version of the metric is still experimental, so the old version is still available on the Business Profile Insights page.



Post Clicks are the total number of clicks on the profile posts’ call-to-action buttons.