Onboarding the dbaPlatform API

Learn how to get started with the dbaPlatform restful API. You will need an active company profile, username, and password. You will also need a bearer token provided by dbaPlatform.

While the APIs listed below are required for initial onboarding to dbaPlatform, additional APIs are available. You can find a list complete list of APIs at this link.


1.) Login (authorization by bearer token)

These APIs are used for login functionalities to the system

POST Login https://api.dba.media/api/account/login


2.) User Management (authorization by bearer token)

These APIs are used for the administration of users on dbaPlatform. 

POST Update User https://api.dba.media/api/users/update
POST Delete User https://api.dba.media/api/account/delete


3.) Agency (authorization by bearer token)

These APIs are used to establish the basic functionality and setup of your enterprise within dbaPlatform. The following APIs are used for the initial setup:

POST Change Refresh Token https://api.dba.media/api/agency/changeRefreshToken
POST List Locations w/ Pagination https://api.dba.media/api/agency/locations/{agencyID}
POST Get Agency Logo https://api.dba.media/api/account/getlogo
POST List All Agency that Email Address Holder can Access - https://api.dba.media/api/location/agencylist


4.) Locations (authorization by bearer token)

These APIs are used to create and modify locations within dbaPlatform.  

POST Create Location https://api.dba.media/api/location
PUT Update Location https://api.dba.media/api/location/{locationId}
DEL Delete Location https://api.dba.media/api/location/{locationId}


5.) Location Groups (authorization by bearer token)

These APIs are used to create and modify location groups within dbaPlatform:

POST Create New Location Group https://api.dba.media/api/client
POST Assign Location to a Group https://api.dba.media/api/location/clients/assign
POST List All Location Group under Agency https://api.dba.media/api/location/locationGroupByAgency/{AgencyId:int}
POST List of Location Groups with pagination https://api.dba.media/api/agency/clients/{agencyId}/?includeTags=undefined


6.)Client (authorization by bearer token)

The following APIs are used to create white label clients within your enterprise, this will create the client subaccounts that a client will be able to access:

POST Create New Client https://api.dba.media/api/client
PUT Update Client https://api.dba.media/api/client
POST Assign Location To a Client https://api.dba.media/api/location/clients/assign
GET List of Locations https://api.dba.media/api/client/locationslist/{clientID}
POST List of Clients with pagination https://api.dba.media/api/agency/clients/{agencyId}/?includeTags=undefined


7.) Licenses (authorization by bearer token)

The following APIs cover licensing and assignments for locations:

POST Assign Premium License to Location https://api.dba.media/api/detail/saveLocationAUTOInventory/{id:int}
GET List Licenses Owned https://api.dba.media/api/agency/GetAllLicenseFromAgency/{agencyid:int}
POST LIst Locations and Licenses Assigned https://api.dba.media/api/location/locationaddons
GET List Available Licenses https://api.dba.media/api/billing/licenses/{agencyid:int}