Why is my server connection not working on dbaPlatform for Cars for Sale?

dbaPlatform employed a new server with a new connection address. Please update your "Host" address to restore Cars for Sale.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our FTP server crashed. To restore service, we built a new server with a new connection address or host to serve as the recipient of the vehicle data shared with dbaPlatform.
We realize the impact and the inconvenience that this has, and we are taking all of the necessary steps with the utmost urgency to restore all data connections with dbaPlatform. Please update your host address across all feed providers. 
Please Update Your Host Address
To restore your connection to dbaPlatform, please change the "Host" address away from our standard "" to the new host address, "ftp-services.commandpad.io".

dbaPlatform can no longer receive data sent to the old "" host. All feed provider sources must covert over to the new host to avoid Google Cars for Sale outages. 

What else has changed?
All usernames and passwords previously used to connect to the FTP will remain intact. No changes are needed anywhere other than the host address. As stated above, the host address has changed away from "" to the new address of "ftp-services.commandpad.io".
The quick answer is that nothing else has changed. The only adjustment is the host address from which the data is sent.
Will there be service interruptions?
The faster this change is made on your end, the less likely there will be any outages. All other dbaPlatform systems are functioning, and as long as the host address is updated, all of the functions that dbaPlatform performs will continue to run as desired.
 Questions? Need assistance?
Please contact  if you require more assistance or have questions on what to do or what this means.