How to claim an Apple Business Connect account?

This article will provide a guide on adding and claiming your Business Listing on Apple Maps

How to Add and Claim Your Apple Maps Business Listing:

  1. Create an Apple ID (if you don't already have one)

To add your business to Apple Maps, you'll need an Apple ID. It's a straightforward process that involves providing basic information such as your name, birth date, email address, password, and answers to security questions. Registering for an Apple ID is quick and entirely free.

*Check out this article for guidance on creating an Apple ID*


  2. Log in to your Apple account

Before adding your business to Apple Maps, log in to your existing Apple account or the new one you just created.


  3. Access Apple Maps Connect.

Apple Maps Connect serves as the central hub where you can add your business to Apple Maps. Simply follow the prompts to begin creating your listing.


  4. Choose your language and notification preferences.

When you start, you'll be asked to select your preferred language. Opt to receive information from Apple Maps, as it may include updates and essential notifications to keep you informed. However, if your inbox is already crowded, you can opt out.


  5. Check if your business is already listed on Apple Maps.

Your business might already be listed on Apple Maps. Before creating a new listing, conduct a search to verify if your business is already present. This helps avoid duplicate listings, which can confuse potential customers and harm your business. To search, enter your zip code and relevant keywords to find matches.


  6. If your business isn't listed, click "add new place."

If your business is not yet on Apple Maps, don't worry. You can add a new listing from scratch by clicking "add new place."


  7. If your business is listed, claim it.

If you locate your business, you'll need to claim it. Click on your business listing to view a more comprehensive profile. Review the information for accuracy and click the "claim this place" option to secure your business listing.


  8. Enter accurate business information.

Whether you're claiming an existing listing or creating a new one, ensure that your profile contains relevant, precise, and keyword-rich information. Customers rely on up-to-date and factual details to find your business. Verify that your address, operating hours, phone number, and associated social media accounts are current.


  9. Verify your business.

Verifying your business with Apple Maps is a straightforward process. Apple will call your business number to provide you with a verification code. If you're unable to answer your business phone immediately, you can opt for verification at a later time.