How often does dbaPlatform sync new data from GMB?

Learn how dbaPlatform syncs data, and what timeframe data is sent from Google.

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dbaPlatform syncs data daily

We understand and value the importance of data integrity and know that having up-to-date information is critical. Therefore, dbaPlatform syncs data from Google daily at midnight. Please note that Google has a 5-day lag between today's date and the data they provide. Take a look below to see how this 5-day lag shows within the platform. 

5-Day Reporting Lag 

dbaPlatform syncs data from Google daily; however, Google has a 5-day reporting lag. This means that your data is accurate within the time frame from which we can retrieve it.

Platform View

To see this in the platform, navigate to Location>Optimization Tools>Data Insights. From there, you will see the start and end dates that the data is being synced from. The end date will be 5 days before today's date.

In the example below, the current date is 8/31/21, which means the end reporting day is 8/26/21. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 3.31.33 PM

Reporting View

To see this in your reports, navigate to Location>Reports>Reports. You will select the report you would like to run. When setting up your report, you will need to select the date range. This is where you will see that 5-day lag.

In the example below, the current date is 8/31/21. Therefore, the reporting end date will be 5 days prior, showing a date of 8/26/21.

Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 4.34.54 PM 

To ensure transparency, the 5-day lag from Google is also shown on the report itself. The viewer can easily see when the report was generated and the reporting timeframe.


Tip: Make sure the dates in our platform match the dates in your GMB profile if you cross-reference data.