How do I register dbaPlatform within Azure Active Directory to enable SSO?

See how to register dbaPlatform's command pad within your company's Azure Active Directory so that users have a seamless login experience.

Follow the steps below to register dbaPlatform's application to retrieve active directory users. 

  1. Create app registration for user's retrieval
  2. Press on "App registration" "New registration."
  3. Fill the format with the following selections:
  4. Create a certificate for the app.
  5. Move over to the left panel and press on "Certificates & secrets."
  6. Go to the "Client Secrets" section and press on "New client secret."
  7. Type the description accordingly and the expiration date and press the "Add" buttonSAML3
  8. Copy the "value" generated by Azure. You will need it later in the process.
  9. Select API Permissions and press on "Add a permission," configure all the following permissions below.
    image5 (1)
  10. Press on "Grant admin consent for <your workspace>."
  11. The ClientID, TenantID, you can visualize pressing on the left panel "Overview" section.
  12. Next, you will need to log into dbaPlatform (using a username + password and clicking the "login" button) 
  13. Click "Settings"

    Screenshot of: Click "Settings"

  14. Click "SSO"

    Screenshot of: Click "SSO"

  15. Enter the Client ID, Client Secret, and Tenant ID obtained in the previous steps
  16. Click "Save"



    Screenshot of: Click "Save"

  17. Click "Ok" and you are done!