How do I publish a photo in dbaPlatform?

We have created a quick how-to guide and video for you to demonstrate how to use the photo optimizer and scheduler in dbaPlatform.

Uploading, optimizing, and scheduling photos in dbaPlatform 

We have created a video to walk you through how to use this feature, and best practices. You can also follow the outlined steps below to publish a photo for one or all of your locations. 


  1. How-to Video 
  2. Step-by-step Guide

How-to Video

HubSpot Video


Step-by-step Guide


  1. Click the Manage Clients tab

  2. Click into the client you would like to publish the photo for

  3. Click the "Photos" Icon

  4. Click the "Upload Photo" button

  5. Drag and drop your image or click the text to select a file from your computer

  6. Images must follow these requirements:
    1. Jpg or Jpeg image format is required to edit EXIF data
    2. Each photo must be smaller than 5MB
    3. Required Image Dimensions:
    4. Minimum 400x400px / Maximum 3000x3000px
  7. Click theYellow box under the "Optimized" Column



      8. Add keywords and descriptions in all of the fields to keyword tag the image


      9. Click "Save" at the bottom of the window


     10. Upon clicking save the image will be replicated and automatically geotagged for each   location under your client group.

     11. Click the Yellow Box under the "Scheduled" column to schedule out the image for immediate or future publishing