How do I fix the “VDP crawl returned an error page” error?

This article will detail the “VDP crawl returned an error page” error message and how to remedy it.

If you’ve received this message, it means that the VDP link is wrong, broken, or the VDP doesn’t exist at all. To remedy this, here are the steps outlined based upon the specific data collection method.

  • Site Scrape - All vehicles being listed on the website MUST have a valid VDP. On the VDP...price, mileage, model, VIN, and an image must be supplied for each vehicle. 
  • FTP - The URL in the “VDP” column in the .csv file MUST have a valid link to a VDP page with price, mileage, model, VIN, and an image. If no URL is provided, if the VDP no longer exists, or any of the listing criteria aren’t met (price, mileage, etc) Google will most likely return this error.

Note: NEW vehicles must have either MSRP or Final Price listed. USED vehicles must have a Final Price. Price strikethroughs, Call for Price, or no price listed will cause exclusion of the vehicle.