How do I create FTP credentials for Auto Inventory?

This article will detail the steps involved to create FTP credentials for submitting Auto Inventory.

In order to submit Auto Inventory over FTP to dbaPlatform, there are some steps involved in order to create the file, credentials, and then submit them correctly. The steps will be outlined here below:

Sample FTP file (Downloadable)
To start, having the correct data in the correct format is the key to success with FTP submissions. The link that is posted above is a sample file of the header attributes with some sample vehicles that show the context of what each header/attribute requires.

Pro Tip: The headers/attributes in the sample file MUST match the data file that is being submitted to dbaPlatform. These headers/attributes are case sensitive and MUST be spelled correctly as well. Please take note or make a copy of the sample file posted above.

Secondly, the context around what these headers/attributes mean and the expected syntax of the data points are described in the link above. Also, some of the headers/attributes are REQUIRED values, while others are OPTIONAL, so please take note. 
**Google Placeid**
  • There is also a new additional REQUIRED field called Placeid, this is Google's unique address for all businesses located on Google Maps. If you need to find Placeid's, here is the link to do so. Just enter the name of the entity in question and it will give you the Placeid.

Pro Tip: Although some headers/attributes are labeled as OPTIONAL, the more data that is supplied with a vehicle, even OPTIONAL data, will help increase the vehicle's "score" and help with organic search results. The more information the better!

dbaPlatform Location Groups
Lastly, we need to set up a Location Group in dbaPlatform for this entity or entities. Entities that are having data submitted via FTP MUST RESIDE in their own Location Group that only accepts data via FTP.  We can't combine the data collection methods together in a singular Location Group, so please keep FTP entities separate from web scraped entities. From there, once the group is created and the entity or entities are contained within, please click the following sequence:
  • Click "Groups" on the left side pane and then "Location Groups"
  • Click on the "Location Group" you want to submit FTP data for
  • Click "Inventory & Services" on the left side pane
  • Click "Cars for Sale" on the left side pane
  • Once the page loads, you'll be taken to the "Overview" page with some tabs across the top, please click "Data Management"
  • On the right side of the page, you'll see a green slider that has two options, "Scrape" or "FTP". Please move the slider to FTP and press "OK" when you see the popup.
  • You'll see blank fields for the credentials, please scroll down and click the blue "generate" button. This will populate the FTP credentials automatically.
  • Submit your data to those credentials that appear, Host, Username, and Password will all appear once "generate" has been clicked.
. If you have any questions please email for assistance.