What do I need to get started with auto listings on my Google Business Profile?

Google now makes it easy for dealers to add cars for sale to their Business Profile. Follow these first steps to prepare auto listings on a Google Business Profile.

This article will review some of the mandates for auto listings, how to make your website crawlable by Google, and review the data points that are either required or optional in a feed and on dealership website VDPs. 

Please review this list of essential details first: 

  • Google mandates that 90% of the vehicles being submitted per dealer have the correct and required values, as they do verify the listings to ensure an excellent customer experience. The required and optional values are listed in the table below.
  • Vehicles are "graded" based upon the amount of data made available for them, as well as the quality of the photos. The more data available, the better. For photos, images of the actual vehicles are preferred, without watermarks and background distractions. The higher the quality of photos, the better as well.
  • Google needs to be able to crawl the website in order to verify the listings, and in order to do so, a small snippet of code needs to be added to the website in order to allow this:
  • # Group 1

    User-agent: Googlebot

    Allow: /

    **This allows only the Googlebot to crawl the entire website.

    The link below can test to make sure they set it up correctly.


Cars For Sale Data Feed Specifications REQUIRED & OPTIONAL Values:

File type: CSV format

Type Attribute Description Content
Required Vin Vehicle Identification Number String (17)
Required Id The unique stock number for each car String
Required store_code Unique id for each store String
Required Dealership_name Full dealership name String
Required Dealership_street Complete street address String
Required Dealership_City Complete City String
Required Dealership_state Abbreviated State String
Required Dealership_zip Zip String
Optional Dealership_email Dealership's main email address Email
Required Dealership_phone Phone number with no special characters Numeric
Required Image_Link Main image for the car. This needs to be an actual photo of the car URL
Optional Additional_imagelink Additional images for the car separated by "|." URL
Required VDP Link to the Vehicle Details Page URL, repeated
Optional date_in_stock Date car is available for sale Date YYYYMMDD
Required Price Final Sale price Integer
Required( for new cars) MSRP Manufacturer's suggested retail price Integer
Required Condition New or used String: New, Used
Optional Certified_Pre_Owned Car is OEM certified pre-owned String: Y, N
Required Make Make of the car String
Required Model Model of the car String
Optional Trim Trim of the model, leave empty if it does not exist. String
Required Year year of the model Integer (4)
Required Mileage (only required for USED vehicles) Number of miles on the car Integer
Required Exterior_color Main exterior color String
Optional Interior_color Main Interior Color String
Optional Body_style

Accepted Values:

convertible, coupe, crossover, full size van, hatchback, minivan, sedan, station wagon, SUV, truck

Required Options A list of all installed options separated by "|." String
Optional Drivetrain drivetrain specifications String
Optional Engine engine specifications String
Optional fuel fuel type String
Optional fuel_efficiency HWMPG: XX,CMPG: XX String
Optional transmission Transmission specification String
Optional Number_Doors number of doors Numeric
Optional Seating_capacity number of seats Numeric
Optional Description Free text for additional
Optional Warranty Warranty terms and conditions String or URL
Required Source Main Website URL URL
Optional is_transferrable Can the car be transferred to a different dealership Y or N
Optional UTM *The UTM will be tagged to the end of the VDP page. String
Optional disclaimer_text The dealers String

FTP Sample file - Please click this link for a downloadable version of the sample file


**The UTM (if supplied) will be tagged to the end of the VDP page. This can dynamically be filled with other columns.

IE Static example:
utm_source=google& utm_medium=organic& utm_campaign=googlemybusiness& utm_content=carsforsale

utm_source=google& utm_medium=[Make] & utm_campaign=[Engine] & utm_content=carsforsale

Possible dynamic values:

VIN, store_code, any of the Dealership values, condition, make, model, trim, year, and source.