Can I update Google Business Profile listing information from dbaPlatform?

You can update your Google Business Profiles from dbaPlatform or sync from Google giving you a clear source of truth. Check out our 'Sync to GMB' and 'Sync from GMB' buttons.

What do the 'Sync to GMB' and 'Sync from GMB' buttons do?

Sync to GMB pushes out the information displayed in our system out to GMB, so if you want to make any edits to your listing information and choose to do so in our system, you will need to use that button to push out the changes to your GMB profile. You will also need an active subscription to dbaPlatform to make any edits to a GMB profile.

Sync From GMB does the reverse and pulls in the latest information from GMB to our system. Clicking this button will overwrite the profile information we have stored in our system. This is useful if you have a location that has recently become verified/unsuspended and needs to update the dbaPlatform to show that it is now active.