What are the "errors" in a report?

The "errors" are meant to point out areas of your profiles that could be improved. Here is a guide for the scores you are seeing errors on:

1. Brand Health - Calculated as the number of photos and posts created over the last 90 days on average. To improve this score publish at least 1 photo and 1 post on this profile every week for the next 90 days and you will reach a perfect score.

2. Listing Health - Calculated as total points minus deduction for missing, inconsistent or inaccurate information - This score is basically just about profile completion. Your current score is pretty good! But I think you would need to add special hours for all holidays, attributes and add a call tracking number to receive a perfect score

3. Reputation Health - Calculated as the frequency of 4 or 5-star review rating weighted over the previous 12 months - To achieve a perfect score here you will need to have at least one 4 or 5-star review left on your profile each month for 12 months.