How do I gain access to a Google Business Profile?

This article will detail the steps involved with adding users with ownership or manager access to a Google Business Profile (Formerly “Google My Business - GMB”).

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dba-arrow-bullet-point (3) Find Your Profile on Google 

dba-arrow-bullet-point (3) Adding Managers and Owners to a Google Business Profile account

Access Needed for dbaPlatform GBP Management Tools 

In order to take advantage of dbaPlatform's Google Business Profile management tools, you will need to be connected to the business's Google Business Profile account. Thus, the Google account your business is using must be listed as an owner or manager on the business's Google Business Profile. 

Owners of GBPs can invite users to become owners and/or managers, each user can have their own access and doesn't need to share sign-in info. Owners and managers have different levels of access to the profile.

  • Only “Owners” can add or remove users
  • “Managers” can remove themselves from a profile
  • “Google Groups” cannot be added as managers or owners, only individual accounts

To add ownership or management access to a GBP for a user, please have an “Owner” follow the steps detailed below.

Find Your Profile on Google 
  • Visit and search for your business name in the search bar at the top of the page.
  • Once you’ve located your business, click on the listing name in the search bar, and you will be taken to the administration page.

Adding Managers and Owners to GBP

  • Once you have landed on the administration home page, click the “Users” icon from the selection pane on the left side of the screen.


  • From there, a window will open that gives the option to add a user. Click the “Add Users” button.

  • Enter the name or email address of the user that needs to be added, followed by selecting which access role the user needs. Set their access to a manager or owner-level access.  
  • Once you have everything set, click the “Invite” button on the bottom right of the window

Note: The invited user must accept the invitation via email to be added as a manager or owner of the Google Business Profile. 

  • Once completed, the required level of access has now been granted, and the GBP is ready to be connected to dbaPlatform. For GBP connection instructions to dbaPlatform, please view the knowledgebase article found here.