Can I use a call tracking number for my Business Profile as the primary number?

Understand how call tracking impacts your local SEO along with our recommendations.

Using a tracking number as the primary number on the Google Business Profile is allowed by Google.

Our recommendations and tips: 

  • Add the call tracking number as the primary number in the Google Business Profile, and move the original number to the secondary or additional number field. The number(s) in the additional number fields do not display publicly, but since they are in the dashboard, it will not create a data integrity issue for Google. 
  • Depending on the tracking platform, you can use number swapping so that the tracking number displays on your website from an entry from the Google profile.
  • Typically, having tracking numbers set up on directory/citation sites is unnecessary as there is not enough traffic to warrant it. 

The industry has formed a general consensus that there is zero impact on ranking as long as the original number is listed as secondary/additional.